Call for Abstracts

Update: The deadline has passed, and the Call for Abstracts is now closed. Acceptance notifications have been emailed out.

Oral Presentations: The time slot is 20 minutes per speaker, including a few minutes for questions.

Poster Presentations: View the Guidelines (pdf)


Thank you for considering submitting an abstract to Acid Rain 2015. There will be 105 slots for oral presentations, and 180 slots for poster presentations. The Scientific Program Committee will review all of the abstracts and select those papers that best fit our topic areas. The number of oral presentations is limited, and you may be asked to present a poster instead.

You are welcome to submit more than one abstract for consideration; however, it is likely that only one will be accepted for an oral presentation.

There is no charge for abstract submission.

The submission deadline is June 30, 2015. *extended to July 15, 2015*

Submission Process

This abstract submission page is designed to be fairly simple to use.

You will be asked to:

  • Set up a simple account within the system
  • Add in several pieces of contact information (can be added by a third party)
  • Paste the Title and Abstract Body into text boxes
  • Paste in the presenting author
  • Paste in the author listing
  • Upload a .doc or .pdf file that we can use as a check after processing
  • Choose a presentation preference
  • Choose a preferred session to be included within
  • Choose if you would like to submit a paper for the Special Journal Issue being planned

Abstract Guidelines

Each abstract will be limited to 300 words. Please note that some symbols do not translate well with an online system. Please minimize the use of specialized symbols to those that have to be in the abstract. The organizers will review the submissions, and during formatting of the proceedings booklet we will attempt to ensure that all symbols have been translated correctly. Therefore, we would request that all abstracts be submitted in Times New Roman font. For the proceedings book, all abstracts will be reformatted to a consistent font and size (except for special symbols).

For the uploaded file and pasted text, please follow this convention:

  • Font: Times New Roman, 12 point, use upper and lower case letters;
  • Author names
    • should be first initial and last (surname) name only. (i.e. J. Smith, no title such as Prof. Dr. PhD or MD should be used).
    • should be identified with number superscripts to correspond to author affiliations.
    • Underline the designated presenting author's name (file upload).

A note about the Special Journal Issue: We expect that the issue will be somewhat limited in the number of papers that will be accepted. The Scientific Committee will be reviewing all proposed papers, and will chose accordingly. You will be informed by the committee of acceptance at a later date.

A note about the Oral Sessions: The conference organizers reserve the right to video record any oral presentations given at Acid Rain 2015. Submission of an abstract, and thus presentation within an oral session, is therefore consent to this recording.


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