Special Journal Issue

The Acid Rain 2015 organizers have made arrangements for a special journal issue of Atmospheric Environment for selected conference papers, with an anticipated publication date of October 2016. Note: You or your coauthor(s) must have attended Acid Rain 2015 to be eligible for manuscript submission.

The special issue will consider a full range of topics within the scope of Atmospheric Environment, including emissions, atmospheric transport, deposition, environmental effects of air pollutants, and the success of policies that have attempted to address anthropogenic emissions sulfur and nitrogen oxides. It is anticipated that some papers will also address multi-issue topics such as relationships of acidic deposition with other air pollutants including mercury, and connections to climate change. The special issue will provide a good complement to the recently published special issue titled “Global Assessment of Precipitation Chemistry and Deposition."

How to submit your manuscript to the Special Issue of Atmospheric Environment

Please go to the journal home page at http://ees.elsevier.com/atmenv/default.asp, select “submit paper” at the top, and follow the instructions for paper submission. If you do not already have an EES (Elsevier Editorial System) account with you will need to register for a new account (select ‘Register Now’).

Before submitting your manuscript, carefully read the description of the aim and scope of the journal (http://www.journals.elsevier.com/atmospheric-environment). We strongly advise authors to ensure that their manuscript abstract addresses the novelty and broader relevance of the work (noted in aim and scope of journal). This will greatly facilitate the review process. We encourage all who would like feedback on their abstract prior to submission to please send a copy to the guest editors for comments (contact e-mails are given below). Also, if you would like pre-submission editing assistance with your manuscript, Elsevier Publishing offers language editing for a fee at: http://webshop.elsevier.com/languageservices/languageediting. Finally, please consult the “Guide for Authors” for helpful advice on manuscript formatting and organization.

Once you have logged in as an Author, select “Submit New Manuscript”, and look for the drop down menu at the bottom that says “Choose Article Type”, select “Special Issue: Acid Rain 2015” and proceed with submission. Follow all instructions and steps until you receive the indication that your paper has been successfully submitted.

The deadline for submission of papers to the special issue is January 31, 2016. Papers will not be accepted after this date. Finally, to facilitate timely publication, we ask that you and your coauthors be willing to serve as a peer reviewer of one or more of the submitted manuscripts at the request of the guest editors.

Thank you for considering submission of a manuscript to this special issue.


The Guest Editors (Julian Aherne, Douglas Burns, David Gay, and Christopher Lehmann)


January 31, 2016 – Deadline for submission of manuscript